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Providing a human and nature friendly development is the key for a sustainable future. In ALCOR®, we appoint innovative strategy, development and execution methodologies equipped with synectic design approaches for the realization and promotion of sustainable-growth oriented policies and implementations such as the VOLVAR® PROJECT. With a specialization in energy sector, we strive for excellence in Contracting, Planning, Compliance and Execution stages of efficient Turn-Key EPC, Engineering, Procurement, Contracting projects; effectual national and international tender selection and qualification processes; Research and Development, Manufacturing and Dissemination of Advanced Technologies as VOLVAR® PVT Technology with high added-value to the strategic policy planning issues and a special focus on renewable power and heat generation.


As the ALCOR® Team, we are the starters and incubators of the VOLVAR® PROJECT and the founders and developers of the exergy based efficiency, pioneering VOLVAR® PVT Technology. Our goal is to realize long-term sustainable ideas into efficient projects with an innovative, feasible and synectic design approach and to bring development to our locality with a global outlook. We thrive to serve the global community with integrity and a sharp vision for the future along with our key values for achievement of highest quality and efficiency in production and services via solid expertise in Project Planning and Management processes leading to Successful Project Completions Compliant with Regulatory and Standard Requirements.

About us

Main activities are comprehensive of synectic development and execution approaches for the realization and promotion of sustainable, green-growth oriented policies and implementations as the VOLVAR® PROJECT. Target tasks include Turnkey, E, P, C services in Efficient, Clean Power and Heat Generation and Carbon Abatement Technologies with a highlight on the VOLVAR® PROJECT embracing the pioneering VOLVAR® PVT Technology for the acquisition and utilization of the maximum total power and heat output. As ALCOR®, we are certain that together we can realize efficient, powerful projects that will help the global community to lead and structure current and next generation self-sufficient, exergy-efficient, human and nature friendly cities.

The VOLVAR® PROJECT is the sustainability enhancement of any system in regards to resource efficiency and optimal final output levels, comprising obtainment of maximum power and heat levels. VOLVAR® is to bring substantial added value into the global energy efficiency and sustainability sectors and the US, EU, and developing economies where implemented. Dissemination of the VOLVAR® PROJECT is foreseen as a profitable action at the sustainability and efficiency arena for the Efficient and Clean Power and Heat Generation, and Carbon Abatement Goals of the European Council-EC and ESTTP, US Department of Energy-USDOE, United Nations-UN and the Millennium Challenge Corporation-MCC; military, regulatory and law making authorities, industrial, academic, residential and infrastructure applications. Thence, as the ALCOR® Team, we are open to powerful collaborations to enrich, promote and dissemination of the leading VOLVAR® PROJECT in compliance with the Goals of the UN- Millennium Development, MCC- Sustainable Development, USDOE- SunShot Initiative, and the EC- 2030 Acts.