About us
Our rigorous Project Management approaches yield prosperous project development and initiations, whereas rich know-how partnerships enable effective and efficient project management to furnish with outstanding project completions. The management of ALCOR® envisions the next generation viable cities and strives to leave an indelible mark with our names via realization of substantial efficient, clean projects for ensuring the attainable power and heat needs of the globe. Rest assured, the renewable hybrid technologies integrated with solar power are the future, so, why not prioritize efficiency and utilize advancements. Within such vision, the VOLVAR® PROJECT sheds light into the efficiency and sustainability arena for the Efficient and Clean Power and Heat Production sector.
Further, ALCOR® management is dedicated to the VOLVAR® PROJECT and continues to exert further projects on a dedicated roadmap and to form a solid societal consciousness in order to obtain a steel-strong consensus at the regulatory and enforcement level regarding the importance of developing and maintaining the sustainable, green, circular economy and the power saving and efficiency issues throughout the world regardless of the sector or country. For such ideals, raising consumer, industrial, governmental, regulatory and enforcement agency awareness and esteem on the cruciality of the efficient and clean power production with seminars, education materials, articles, publications, media, publicity, networking activities, and policy actions with perseverance are stipulated and planned to be endeavored with the invaluable support of the global key players.