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Let your Solar System stay always at the Peak of Effectiveness with VOLVAR® PVT Technology




At present, with more than one fifth of the globe being incapacitated from access to electricity, we do need to start implementing the available resources within reach via the most effective methodologies rather than wasting them. For instance, Africa and South Asia combined, the need for investment to sufficiently cover the demand is estimated around 110 billion USD, even when utilized technologies perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications. However, performance levels of the currently implemented technologies are not yet secured. In order to reach the power and heat production, efficiency and global warming reduction and clean air goals, not only policy enforcements and awareness needs to increase, but also utilized technologies need to perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


Yet, drastic measures or effective preventative policy actions and enforcements are not taken withholding some strong incentives by the EC, ESTTP, USDOE, UN and the MCC. As of now, the vital issue regarding efficiency in total power and heat production in PVT systems has not been prioritized sufficiently at the frontier of the applications, as it should have been. In accordance with the Goals of the UN- Millennium Development, MCC- Sustainable Development, USDOE- SunShot Initiative, and the EC- 2030 Acts, we started the VOLVAR® PROJECT as an innovative, feasible, synectic approach for sustainment of resource efficiency for the Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and the World. As the need for sustainment of the efficiency levels for the photovoltaic thermal equipment has arisen, our team came up with a basic idea that renders solar systems to function steadily. Within the VOLVAR® PROJECT; as we strive to provide the efficient and clean power and heat production needs of the current global society, our team developed the VOLVAR® PVT Technology. The overall objective of the innovation is to deliver the maximum net total power and heat output and to reduce the corresponding carbon footprint in the built environment of the PVT modules. Hence, the VOLVAR® PVT Technology continuously optimizes system module to maintain the design capacity of the PVT Systems.


Unless VOLVAR® Technology is implemented into the extant PVT systems, fundamental losses in power production efficiency, the parasitic losses such as circulation pump energy and the temperature peaking boiler consumption, and the energy storage losses are expected to exceed the benefits of the PVT Systems. The VOLVAR® Technology focuses also on circular exergy in the built environment, with special emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions. The VOLVAR® PROJECT is an innovative, feasible, synectic product and project approach for the Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and the World.


With the support of the government regulating agencies, policy makers and industries, the clean and efficient power and heat needs of consumers for sustainable, net-zero or near-zero energy, green buildings, the fourth generation district heating, district energy systems- 4DH 4DE, public and commercial buildings, solar assisted cooling systems, industrial applications will be met along with the solar thermal power and heat generating system and equipment manufacturer and installers. We are certain that the VOLVAR® PVT Technology will bring about an undeniable added value to current solar and renewable hybrid, (co-) generation technologies, along with having indispensable impacts on residential and industrial applications.


The innovative VOLVAR Technology will be a new heart       of your PVT system

optimizing net total heat and power output of solar technology!