The VOLVAR® PROJECT is the sustainability enhancement of any system in regards to resource efficiency and optimal final output levels comprising obtainment of maximum power and heat levels. VOLVAR® is an innovative, feasible, synectic project approach for the Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia and the World, and comprises the VOLVAR® PVT Technology. A VOLVAR® PROJECT inclusive of the VOLVAR® PVT Technology is designed with specific attention to low solar insolation (low exergy levels) in North and Middle Europe. Another implementation is planned and foreseen as viable to be carried out for the Mediterranean Countries, including Turkey. VOLVAR® focuses also on circular exergy in the built environment, with special emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions.












The VOLVAR® is to bring substantial added value into the global energy efficiency and sustainability sectors and the US, EU, and developing economies where implemented. Dissemination of the VOLVAR® PROJECT is foreseen as a profitable action at the sustainability and efficiency arena for the Efficient and Clean Power and Heat Generation, and Carbon Abatement Goals of the European Council-EC and ESTTP, US Department of Energy-USDOE, United Nations-UN and the Millennium Challenge Corporation-MCC; military, regulatory and law making authorities, industrial, academic, residential and infrastructure applications. Thence, as the ALCOR® Team, we are open to powerful collaborations to enrich, promote and dissemination of the leading VOLVAR® PROJECT in compliance with the Goals of the UN- Millennium Development, MCC- Sustainable Development, USDOE- SunShot Initiative, and the EC- 2030 Acts.



Tender Qualification; Proposal Preparation, Submissions:

Contractor:     BGM Industrial Plants Co. Inc.
Project: ST LP-HP Cross-Over Piping, EPC, EUAS 1.170 MWe  Ambarli PowerPlant, Electric Generation Company (EUAS) of Turkey.


Bidder:            BGM Industrial Plants Co. Inc.

Project:           Nainawa CCPPs, BGM-Yamata-Archs Consrtm., Iraq Ministry of Electricity, Qudus, Al-Khairat.


Bidder:            BGM Industrial Plants Co. Inc.

Project:           Burner Rehabilitation for PETKIM Plant, Petrochemical Industries of Turkey,  PETKİM, Izmir.



Tender Qualification; Proposal Preparation, Submissions:

Bidder:            BGM-Tekyapi Joint Venture (Shortlstd)  

Project:           Actobe Combined Heat and PP, EPC, 84M EUR EBRD Funded Project, JSC of Aktobe TETS, Kazakhstan.


(Sub-) Contractor, Qualification Preparation, Submissions:

Contractor:    BGM Industrial Plants Co. Inc. (Appv.d)

Client:             Techint, Vendors Qualification

Client:             Siemens Austria, Partnership Qualification

Client:             Siemens Russia, Supplier Qualification

Client:             General Electric, Know Your Customer Qualification.
















Tender Qualification; Proposal Preparation, Submissions:

Contractor:     BGM Industrial Plants Co. Inc.    

Project:            OMV 870 MWe Samsun CCPP Long-Term Maintanence Contract, OMW Power, Samsun.


Tender Qualification Submissions:

Bidder:            BGM Industrial Plants Co. Inc.


Project:           Mogilov RK-3, Reconstruction & Inst. of Power Equipment, BGM-Optima, Belarus.

Project:           Supply of Boiler Plant for Mining Project, SNC Lavalin, Canada.

Project:           Novomoskovskaya State District Power Station Expansion using 190MW GTU, Soyuz.

Project:           Iraq Ministry of Electricity, Baiji, Wasit CCPPs, Iraq.

Project:           Delek IPP Ramat Gabriel & Alon Tavor Cogeneration Plants, BGM-GEL Consrt., Israel.

The ALCOR® Theory and Practices, with special thanks to our highly esteemed researchers, is a strong asset for a fruitful collaboration. In this respect, we have sufficient experience and motivation, in addition to numerous academic publications and a strong vision and project management experience to develop, implement and provide services on sustainable, efficiency arena including solar thermal systems. The ALCOR® Team has experience in development of numerous joint-research projects, and industrial applications on energy efficient, hybrid power generation, green building, efficient heating and cooling systems, and Net-zero Energy Cities in collaboration with a wide variety of international municipalities, companies, and research institutions, and the European Union Frame Program 6.